viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011

Los comentarios en los videos de Oasis en Youtube

1- My kids will listen to Oasis
Their kids will listen to Oasis
Bands like Oasis will get listened to until this world blows up.

2- 3 pleople were fucked by justin bieber - en relación a los 3 "no me gusta" que tiene el vídeo-

3-This song makes the hair on the back of my neck stand, Oasis will never die.

4- N.G : "The second night was quite monumental, because Liam had been out with a Spice Girl the night before a Spice Girl - and he didnt bother going to bed. It was the first comedy performance at the Old Wembley. The first night was great, the second night was excruciating."

Q.Were you annoyed with Liam?

N.G :"No not at all. I was brilliant. How can I get annoyed with him? It's as much his band as it is mine. We've never mentioned it though since that day. But its all over YouTube though!"

5- i want to get high with my friends listening this song

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